baby wearing white floral headband lying on bed while smiling

Newborn Care

Let Nanny Nexus caregiver nannies be your relief and support by assisting you and your family, during the transition of bringing your new little one home. During this exciting and exhausting time, Nanny Nexus is here to assist you by providing experienced, thoroughly screened nannies. 

Our newborn caregivers help support you and your new little one. Relax knowing that your caregiver can also assist in your everyday household tasks, such as taking care of other children in the home, meal prep and/or cooking, greeting guests, laundry, running errands, shopping, and providing overnight care. Nanny Nexus newborn nannies are available on days, evenings, and weekends, 24/7.  We do not provide for infants needing medical assistance.

Agency Fee $100 Registration Fee, $20 each day or evening, $35 overnights

  • $22.00 per hour – 1 newborn
  • $25.00 per hour – 1 newborn plus 1 to 2 siblings
  • $30.00 per hour – 1 newborn plus 3 to 5 siblings

Refer to the “terms and conditions for temporary services” page for the terms and conditions.


Hire a Newborn Caregiver Nanny!

Contact us at 913-669-5355 or, and we will work with you to find a Newborn Caregiver Nanny that fits your family’s needs.