Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Nexus Temps have a 4-hr minimum. The fees are time and a half on holidays for temps and agency (New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.). Additionally, temps working for the same family for over 40 hours in a seven-week work period will need to be paid time and 1/2 for each additional hour. If a child is driven, mileage should be paid to Nexus temp at a government-allotted rate.

Agency fees for services are due at the time service is confirmed. Clients are billed monthly for assistance, and a current credit card must be on file at the time of request for services. Nexus Temp is to be paid in cash, check, or electronic payment at the end of their service. To use Nanny Nexus Temp services, clients must fill out a Nanny Nexus temporary client application and pay the registration fee.

Cancellation Policy

If the client cancels, up to $75 of the agency fee is non-refundable. Cancellations must be made to Nanny Nexus 24 hours before service or by 4:00 p.m. Friday for a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday on all temporary jobs to avoid payment to the nanny/caregiver. A temporary placement greater than six days requires a one-week prior cancellation. Failure to cancel within the prescribed time frame will result in payment to the nanny/caregiver of:

1. 25% of potential earnings for temporary jobs ten days or shorter.
2. One-week severance pay for temporary jobs over ten days in length.

Notice of cancellation must be made to the agency. If the nanny procures another equal or better job in its place, the required payment to the nanny is waived.

All services must be contracted through the office of Nanny Nexus, LLC. Any arrangements without the agency will be charged on the credit card at the current rates. Additionally, the referral of a Nanny Nexus temp to a third party without arranging the visit through Nanny Nexus is considered a “theft of services.” It will result in a charge of $2500 in liquidated damages.